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video of Roeung Sophorn opponent this week

Please check video of Roeung Sophorn's opponent this week in the red corner
1-Kongmuengchhag (Red) Vs Faipa Peleburiram (Blue)

2- Kongmuengchhan vs Thai boxer

The two martial artists will be confronted with two foreign Fightter in 69kg at CNC Reseykeo boxing arena from 6pm on Saturday. The Kun Khmer component is Vong Noy and the player of the central Roeung Sophorn while Thai are Faipa Peleburiram and Kongmuengchang.

Before the game, Vong Noy confirmed that if the first round of the finals toured anyone, I believe that most fans see me touch Roeung Sophorn and welcome me. The Pailin boxer is adding extra training and confidence that 70% will do well.

Vong Noy and Roeung Sophorn could meet only if they won in the same round as before, both of them never touched, and now both are equally good. For the first round of three titles, Roeung Sophorn meet Kongmuengchang and Vong Noy meet Faipa Peleburiram, who lost to Roeung Sophorn and beat Oum Chamroeun. The winner of the first round will meet on the same day for 4 million points, while last week the winners went on to win the win over Suon Chney.

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