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video of Roeung Sophorn opponent this week

As one of the proud players, Roeung Sophorn, a boxing champion of Reachsey, has been overwhelmingly victorious at the CenCy in its first round belt competition on Saturday, October 7, with three points. After defeating Thai thumping heroes with a second awful second round.

Not surprisingly, Roeung Sophorn has built a history of defeating Thailand's second-ranked squad in the second round, which has never been repeated three times and has never won in television. The spectators screamed and shouted loudly, with only Roeung Sophorn achieving the goal by firing a Thaiman who had stabbed a bullet to face a collision.

When the game started, there was speculation that Roeung Sophorn would have been difficult to tackle Faipa, who is known for being good at both knees and knees. In the first round of warm-up, Thailand's heavyweight has hit Roeung Sophorn with a handful and many legs, giving Cambodians enough support. But the cries of support were echoed in the mouth of the CNN mask after Roeung Sophorn could hasten a counterattack to the Thai players, and a handful of handfuls made Thai player Faipa fall in the second round. The visitors were seen standing up and applauding the success of Cambodian players at the same time after Roeung Sophorn did so.

The game's watchdogs expressed an overwhelming sense of pride and complacency compared to other Cambodians. He has been given admirable voice both inside and outside of the ring, even if the Thai commission also acknowledged that Roeung Sophorn was a young Cambodian player who overcame a Thai legend. This one.

Roeung Sophorn once said that for the game to be on the pitch, he did not understand the game so well. At this point, they have been successful in almost every round of boxing, plus the belt competition. He is also noted as a strong, gentle, gentle, gentle, opposite character in boxing. In that, communication with journalists is even better than other celebrity groups should imitate. One player, as strong as aphrodisiac, is gentle and hospitable, as respected as he does not know how to get the value of a boxing lover.

Another contender, the legendary champion legend, Chea Bunchar Reachaye, a boxer from Moung Russey Mounkak, Kun Khmer FC, Battambang, lost to Thai player Famaengkorn Sit Pnasak on suspicion.
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