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Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong vs Marat Grigorian 4 Full vedio

Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong Asthma and asthma attacks are not unanimous. Glory rejoices the candle .
Fighting Glory Boxing Championship "Glory 57" on Shenzhen Bay, Shenzhen Port. China On Saturday, August 25, 2018, Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong, the top boxing champion, went to his fifth position in a 70 kg lighter weight match with boxing champion Marat Grigorian. The nominee of the Belgian Armenian descent The old rival The "MAY" has beaten 3 times 3 times.

If the championship is set to 5, it is different from the normal boxing couple to hit just 3, raise the first call to the bell, "The May" or the nickname "Killer thinking" boxing left. Buri Ram I'm not sure if this is the case. But this Armenianship candidate. I do not dare to blabber like all the past. The two exchanged a swap, try to weigh the flea and weapons, the opponent is clearly noticeable. I do not know what to do. The first one still holds the two together.

Raise two early, Matirin started out, punch one two, then kicked the lower cut into. Sitthichai is also a high card. Try to beat the top punch and throw the knee. Halfway through, Sitthichai waits for two temptations. But Marathon also rushed to enter. The hard work of the nominees will outlast the weapons. But still, the boxing and retaliation of the owner of the position well.

Raise three grizzlies, shoot the right punch. Try knee jumping, but not yet. Sitthichai trap with a fist and left Before the kick left, the sound of the fans around the stage. At the end of the race And the knee floated into it. Do you have any comments? This lift of points from the referee seems to overlap the challenger. Fourth, Marathon's mind was invaded. I like to get the same. Raise the knee to throw a knee to the stomach. The Thai fighters missed the punch before the full stroke to lose.

Lifted the fifth lift last Both out plus a big flea. Married to the face to face. I have to admit that I have not been able to do this. Kicked left I also tried to walk in. Sitthichai tried to leave the goal is not to maintain the box before the exchange of weapons at the end of the game until the bell finally lifted.
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