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Fighters allowed joining internation events under right circumstances

Lt. Gen. Tommy is the leader of several sports activities, such as members of the Olympic Council of the Armed Forces, members of the volleyball, soccer, athletics, The Royal Cambodian Armed Forces, Deputy Secretary General of the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia, and president of the Cambodian Boxing Federation. In doing so, he did not think that everything was perfect, but he was always open Accept constant criticism, especially boxing. In a live interview with the Post newspaper yesterday, focusing on the busy weekly boxing action activities. And local popularity, Mr. Tolin is interested in and supports criticism from the audience as well as the public to build Improve boxing style The popularity and quality, and the decision of the transparent accept everyone. Mr. Tolin said: Within a week, we had employed technical officers, judges, arbitrators, and panelists and leaders. Around 180 players compete in six cannons on different television stations that broadcast live and compete 15 times. Meanwhile, the football section of the Federation of Cambodia Boxing Federation, with nearly 100 club clubs across the country, was released. Within a week, counting from over 150 people. During the tournament, both technical officials, players and club representatives were all donated, said Mr. Teang. From competitiveness to competitiveness and division of work space and roles. In terms of revenues or self-esteem, Mr. Meng said: Arbitrators, Judges, Judges and Leaders Money from $ 12 to $ 25 per game, place and place. At the same time, a boxing club that has trained and dispatched a participant must be paid $ 15 for each The same national competition, and $ 30 for international players. For players who have the chance to compete, the value of the prize is 200,000 to 600,000 Riels for each pair Similarly, international competitors receive between $ 250 and $ 500 depending on the skill level and the weight categories Also popular. In that case, for the Tournament title or prize belts, the price ranged from $ 100 to $ 500, in particular, The prize for the belt is $ 3,000, $ 4,000, $ 5000 and $ 10,000.
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