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Pou Klaing talks of Tony Jaa

The rehearsal DJ, Phou Khaing, who has suspended the arts for a long time, runs a new business with his wife in Preah Sihanouk province. And he revealed that he will bring the original Song1 full version soon.
He revealed the comeback in live video yesterday, stating that it could be during the year This Khmer. And now it is looking to find partner companies who want to work with them around the production of the songs.
Pouhlang believes that he will do his best not just from his hand. The songs are already in hand, confirming that they are all original songs, including famous musicians One collaborates with.
The reason why the "Pouhlang" helped restore the ancestral art has been confirmed because of love. Can not be cut off. In addition, he wants to contribute to society through art. At the same time, Pha Linh hopes that his wife, as well as his relatives and supporters, will encourage him.
Listen to the entire live video of Pouhang around the return to art:
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