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Long Sophy Joins Western Boxing Competition in National Games 2

Long Sophy, a high knee and boxer, from the box office of the Ministry of Interior Boxing Association, won another belt. The LEO beer, weighing 70 kilograms at the Bayon Beak Snoop on Sunday, May 13, 2018, has won the win by Sony's Seng Sophea. Defense Ministry Boxing Association Only once in Game 5. Over the past 14 years, Long Sophy has won the national championship and won the overall belt. All seven different institutions are in different weight categories. During the qualifying qualifying round of the 70-kilogram LEO Beer belt, Long Sophy beat four Thai players and defeats Thailand in The semi-finals one more time before defeating Sophea to hold the belt with a total of six games . The finals for the US $ 6,000 belt tournament were a five-water contest, and referee Khim Socheat was viewed. Seeing that it seems to be trying to win some of Sophea Sopheak, but not possible because Long Sokpong's knee hit a lot, almost to find the ground. Faint again. However, the results from the commission have officially declared a win-win, while five of the five judges who scored only three judges Only announced that Long Sophy won 99 to 96 all the same. The result of this announcement has raised questions about the results of the other two judges who won the prize for tens of thousands. Sophea. Five Clear Water Sports Situations Long Sophy has nearly all water, particularly in the 3rd and 4th races, while Long Sophy's knee and elbows have forced Thun Sophea almost fainted, but referee Khim Socheat did not count, despite Sophea's apparent weaknesses and weaknesses. However. Long Sophy won the belt and $ 6,000, while Tep Sophea won the trophy and followed $ 3,000. "I am 30 years old and have a home in Svay Khang village, Anlong Vil commune, Sangke district, Battambang province," said Long Sophy. He has been in the Baghdad for more than 14 years and has won seven titles. " Long Sophy said: "In the last 14 years, I've been in the 10-belt series, winning seven and three belts, 2 numbers 3 and 4 ". Long Salavan, coach and brother, said: "The 7 belts that Long Sophy have gotten were the first, a 60-kilogram wine belt at the CTN rhythm. 2008. The K-Cement belt weighs 63.5 kilograms at TV5 in 2010. The third belt, the 65kg Alexander Wesquick weighs at 65kg at the Channel 3 in 2011. The fourth wine belt weighs 65 kilograms at CTN 2012. The 5th KCement weighs 67 kilograms CTN 2014. The 6th Caravaca belt weighs 69 kilograms in Bayon 2015 and the seventh belt, Beer weighs 70 kilograms at Bayon 2018. Once. " Long Sophy added that as he grew older, he wanted to be a coach and a judge official. The referee also.
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