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Kun Khmer, Yuk Yeakplae Vs Thai, Singdam Sit Kor, CNC boxing, 8 April 20...

The 3rd Ball Pool Badminton Competition held by the Royal Gendarmerie TV Station The number 5 on Thursday (July 4) made the Beeline Arena almost unbelievable. In the end of the season, the Giant Evans has become the only player to win the title. Admired supremacy despite the severe injuries of up to 4 different places.
Not to be missed, juvenile player from Battambang Bodybuilding Club has reached the final of the championship for the third consecutive month. . But sadly, he did not become the champion as planned because, before reaching the finals, he hit the leg until the injury Already rampaged. However, the fruit juice was praised by the crowd as they fought in the fight. That evening.
In the first game, the Giant Truong Son defeated Ngoen Vichet from the Boxing Association of the Ministry of Interior, which he had never won at all. Previously by the hardest. The fruit juice not only breaks the napkin, but the left eyebrows are in a very grave and pessimistic way. In the second round, they could beat Wawa Baja from the Reds, Titanic, Dynamic Metal, Use lots of force. At the end of the season, the fruitful French giants were announced in the final round with new footburner Dun Bunthoeun from Euphong Sports do not get lucky when they fall to the corner of the opponent, causing the nose and the center of the head to almost fade before the end Water.
The referee is counted 2 times in the second and fourth rounds of the nose and breaks in the middle of the head. Water falls. Eggplant on the face with red blood reddened with four other injuries: eyebrow, ears, head and head nose Has shown beyond reasonable doubt, if perhaps it is possible to step out of the way to safeguard and preserve life.
According to Dun Bunthoe, there is no possibility of losing the fruit juice, even if it breaks in the middle of the head. And he broke his nose-point because of the age of the henchmen and the wounds he had with Chounevichet. Only. Every spectator praises the giant eggplant with four wounds at the same time and can still attack Dun Bun Thoeun Pros Soos makes the audience scream in the ring.
If the juveniles do not have to double, Dun Bunthoeun can not become the third month's title winner. The beverage is noisy, but according to the beatings on the giant grapefruit, this is a little like that. That. Dunk Bun Thoeun's win was critically acclaimed by judges to score biased scores due to Dun Bun Thoeun, an epiphone student Who is close to the boxing organizer at Channel 5. But there is also a sense that this is due to the age of the fruit, which slows down twice, and they fall off the head and throat. Digitally under Donn Bunthoeun's hand.
Giant winners and overpowered fans lost to Dunk Bunthoeun as a new and losing player 1 million 8,000 Riels, sponsored by the Peking Company, to the individual champions. A statement from the company said that the owner of the title belt in the finals did not receive a $ 1,000 bonus. 10 Riel, equivalent to $ 2,00, accompanied by a Honda Dream to encourage winners from This massive game.
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